Photoshop Image Masking

Image masking has many kinds of uses. Some innovative uses for background removal have been discussed here. For delicate borders of a picture such as laser hair, furry clothing, doll etc. Image masking technique is used together with the Clipping path technique to eliminate or replace the background of this image. For hard advantages cutting path technique is utilized, for the soft or furry border covering is used. In the circumstance, where it cannot be possible to catch more precise details of soft borders together with the Clipping path technique independently, picture masking system is called on in order to isolate the object in the background

Another method we employ to the solution or item that has nearest colored background to that of item color. To separate the product from the background. With this process, we can easily combine the tough region and the soft location. The truth of this item advantage blending is determined by the airbrush dimensions and drawing strain. Before onboarding as a client, you can try us for free. Hit on the free trial button below!

  • Photoshop Image Masking Service Categories:

    Layer Masking:

    High-quality manual Photoshopping by hand. Masks are applied directly to coating utilizing soft & elegant edge with the pen tablet. Use it to eliminate background or isolate the item. Price may vary depending on the complexity & time required.
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  • Alpha channel Masking:

    Separating an object from the background, we conserve it as Alpha Channel to personalize brightness, contrast, exposure, etc. later. Its file size is milder for uploading/downloading. The single colored background is ideal for this photo masking.

  • Fur & Hair Masking:

    Separate hair & fur from the background, pencil tablet for a soft edge, etc... to make things natural. Photo Masking is significantly more successful than Clipping path on hair. If needed, we apply color, brightness, contrast, exposure correction. Photo Masking is more effective than the clipping path on hair.

  • Refine Edge Masking:

    Selecting a Picture by Quick Selection tool in Photoshop, we apply Layer Mask & Refine Radius tool to make the soft edge. doll, blanket, clothes, animals, trees, etc.. pictures more natural. Mask & Refine Radius instrument to produce the soft border. It creates hair, fur images more natural.

  • Transparent object Masking:

    The objects glass, car glass, routine spectacles, glass jar, water, etc.... 0%-5percent opacity & light could pass through it. To maintain transparency & create visible color or background through objects, this making is applied.

  • Translucent object Masking:

    Sunglasses, frosted paper & glass, plastic jar, cloths such as muslin, bridal veil, etc... translucent objects with 5%-100percent opacity receive the support. Small light moves through the objects & images is fuzzy to identify.

  • Object Masking:

    In Object masking, improper section of an image is chosen with the rapid selection tool and subsequently eliminated by employing masking with the layer mask. Object masking is quite much helpful for eliminating deformations of pictures.

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